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We've teamed up with process experts to deliver as much experience and know-how as possible.
Proud to be in Partnership with: 
Pioneer Pump Logo

Pioneer Pump - centrifugal pumps 

- Franklin Electric subsidiary 

- High pressure, dewatering, sewage, trash and food processing applications 

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Vaughan Chopper Pumps Logo

Vaughan - original non-clog centrifugal chopper pump.

- American made pump manufacturer

- Solids handling, food processing, chemical, paper and wood applications

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Andritz - solids handling equipment 

- RDT's for sludge thickening and dewatering 


- Screens and Dryers

- Screw and Belt presses

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Seepex Logo

Seepex - progressive cavity pumps

- Metering, feeder, macerator and semi-submersible pumps

- Sludge dewatering, treatment and mixing applications

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Cornell Pumps logo

Cornell - centrifugal pumps

- Cutter, self piming, solids handling, submersible and immersible pumps

- Municipal and industrial applications where high (and low) viscosity fluids are present

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Invertek Drives Logo

Invertek - variable frequency drives (VFD's)

- Control and monitor pumping systems

- Blockage, leak, prime, and damage detection

- Automatic shut off and adjustments when necessary

Penn Valley Pump Logo

Penn Valley Pump - positive displacement pumps

- American pump manufacturing company

- Double Disc Pump™ for high quality fluids handling

D.R. Cordell Logo

D.R. Cordell - lifting stations, cranes, hoists

- Assortment of hoists, jib cranes, gantry cranes 

- Adjustable with control systems

- Custom lift systems for pumps, trailers, people. etc.

Franklin Electric Logo

Franklin Electric - pumps and motors

- Expansive range of  pumps and motors with submersible options

- Residential, municipal, industrial, agricultural applications

RPS Engineering Incorporated Logo

RPS Engineering - covers for wastewater systems

- Fiberglass and aluminum domes 

- Flat covers 

- Launder & channel covers

Shand and Jurs Logo

Shand & Jurs - Gas safety equipment

- Digester gas safety equipment and covers

- Pressure/vacuum vents

- Emergency vents and manhole covers

Nuvonic - Ultraviolet technology

- Focus on UV as an alternative to chlorination for disinfection

- Lamps, channels and chambers for water to pass through

BioMicrobics Logo

Biomicrobics - secondary treatment specialists

BioBarrier® HighStrength, BioBarrier® Graywater

- Filtration systems, screens, and activated sludge processes to break down organic matter.

Industrial and Environmental Concepts Incorporated Logo

IEC - cover and liner systems

- Clarifier, sludge, trickling, pond and lagoon covers.

- Gas tight and semi-sealable applications with insulation options available

Nexom Logo

Nexom - filtration and clean effluent

- BOD, nitrification, aeration, and denitrification processes

- MBBR and activated sludge treatment

DiscFlo Pumps logo

Discflo - disc pumps

- Differs from centrifugal, positive displacement, gear/lobe pumps

- Best for handling high solids contents 

- Tank and sump applications

Orege logo

Orege - dewatering and thickening

- Belt filter presses and decanter centrifuges

- Skid units, containers, trailers for equipment 

Rodney Hunt logo

Rodney Hunt - gates & valves

- Cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum heavy-duty gates

- Submergible applications to stop leakage and overflow of water

Saveco Logo

Saveco - screens, thickeners, slurry pumps, grit treatment

- Sludge dewatering and thickening equipment (solids & liquids separation)

- macerator pumps for high viscosity fluids

Reid Lifting Logo

Reid Lifting - portable lifting systems

- Gantries, davits, and portable bases

- compact, quick set-up systems 

- systems able to lift thousands of pounds

Shelter Works Logo

Shelter Works - shelters and enclosures

- FiberBeam™ technology

- custom fiberglass equipment and enclosures

- multi layer, durable shelters

Daniel Mechanical Company Logo

Daniel Mechanical - odor control

- Biological filter systems, carbon adsorbers, degassifiers, scrubbers, storage tanks

- air pollution and odor control applications

Blue-White logo

Blue-White - chemical metering positive displacement pumps

- Diaphragm and peristaltic metering pumps

- Skid systems

- Flowmeters: flow measuring devices

Wilo - pumps and smart water systems

- pumps for wastewater transfer and treatment purposes

- groundwater extraction pumps and systems

Horiba - monitoring systems and devices

- pH, COD & BOD, organic pollutant, and phosphorous & nitrogen monitors

- UV & concentration analyzers

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Smith and Loveless - pumps & stations, grit removal, filtration

- Fully packaged systems for pumps and lift stations, filtration systems, and grit removal/vortex chambers

- MBR processes, aeration, filtration, clarifiers

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