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Chopper Pumps

Similar to grinder pumps, chopper pumps are centrifugal pumps that macerate solids running through wastewater treatment systems. Unlike grinder pumps which are, for the most part, installed at the source (ex: hotels, residential properties, restaurants), chopper pumps are applied in larger scale (municipal and industrial) settings. They are commonly applied after screenings, and throughout the primary and secondary treatment processes where solids still remain. Chopper pumps effectively cut solids into smaller, more manageable pieces. This pump type performs exceptionally well when cutting larger debris and solids as its powerful design allows it to cut anything and everything that flows through the pump. 

A chopper pump operates through a combination of mechanical chopping and pumping mechanisms to effectively handle solids-laden wastewater. At its core, the pump features a rotating impeller with sharp blades or cutters strategically positioned along its circumference. As the impeller rotates, it draws wastewater into the pump housing. Upon entry, the solid materials present in the wastewater encounter the sharp blades of the impeller. The cut up solids are discharged and either move to the next stage of the treatment process or get recirculated to be further broken down. 

Chopper pumps exhibit a flexible range of horsepower (HP) capacities tailored to diverse application needs and pump sizes. These pumps span from as low as 1 HP, suitable for small residential or light commercial tasks, to several hundred HP, catering to larger industrial or municipal operations. In smaller-scale scenarios like residential sewage systems or modest industrial setups, lower HP chopper pumps, typically ranging from 1 to 20 HP, are able to manage moderate wastewater volumes with lesser solid content. Conversely, larger-scale industrial or municipal wastewater treatment demands call for higher HP chopper pumps, ranging from 20 HP to several hundred HP, to efficiently handle larger volumes containing higher solid concentrations, ensuring continuous heavy-duty operation.

These pumps are essential for large or small scale wastewater treatment operations as they are highly durable and require little maintenance. Because of their highly functional chopping mechanisms, they safeguard downstream equipment and pipelines from potential damage or obstruction, maintaining operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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